Declaration of Occupation

Occupy Lawrence Occupies South Park

LAWRENCE, KS October 15th, 2011: On Saturday, October 15th, Occupy Lawrence will occupy South Park, located on Massachusetts Street in Lawrence, Kansas in a public expression of Protest directed at the blatant financial corruption, social injustice, and political inequalities we experience Globally and Locally on a daily basis.

Along with our occupation of South Park, every Saturday at Noon, Occupy Lawrence will be holding Public Rallies at 9th and Massachusetts St. in Downtown Lawrence. We will be holding our General Assemblies in South Park everyday at 6 PM at the occupation site, and the general public is welcome to respectfully observe and to participate.

The problems which we face are numerous, and they cannot be distilled into a single issue or demand. Our response to these myriad issues rooted in undisguised greed, corruption, and inequality is to face them together in Peaceable Assembly, acting in solidarity with Occupy Wall St. and the numerous Occupy movements around our Nation and the World. Occupy Lawrence acts to accomplish local, regional, and national actions addressing the grievances and the frustration which we share together.

Occupy Wall Street is an active Demonstration occupying Zuccotti Park in New York City since September 17th, 2011. Started to highlight the unfair influence of financial and corporate interests in our Government and our media against the Public Will, this demonstration has sparked controversy and conversation. Since this initial demonstration in New York City, other cities around the United States and the world have joined in these protests.

There has been a general call for all communities worldwide to begin Occupation demonstrations on October 15th, and Occupy Lawrence will be joining hundreds of similar protests beginning worldwide on that day. South Park holds a historical significance within Douglas County and Kansas as a gathering point and a location for Public Assembly to address the issues affecting our community and our Nation.

Further statements from Occupy Lawrence will be forthcoming.



Twitter: @OccupyLawrence

Facebook: Occupy-Lawrence


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4 responses to “Declaration of Occupation

  1. Michael Almon

    The very same corporatists that encourage Democratic Party capitulation of the upward wealth transfer by the radical right, are now trying to co-opt Occupy Wall Street. After initially dissing OWS as “protests that take place outside approved channels” or for being dirty and unshaven, organizations like,, and Van Jones’ Reclaim the American Dream Movement are now scrambling to save face and even “associate Occupy Wall Street with their pet projects”.

    Remember that started in 1998 in response to the Bill Clinton/Monika Lewinsky affair in an effort to have the Senate censure Clinton rather than impeach him and “move on”. They are a 501(C)(4) PAC, wholly enmeshed in the Democratic Party, and raising millions for Democratic candidates – Electoral politics is their focus, by “co-opting a growing movement of democratic resistance and trying to replace it with a sales pitch to go out in 2012 and vote Democrat”. And Van Jones has said “We’re talking about U.S. senators who want to run as American Dream candidates”.

    Read more at –, and –

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